pie1 «py», noun.
1. fruit, meat, vegetables, or other ingredients enclosed in pastry and baked in a round, flat dish or pan: »

apple pie, chicken pie.

2. a round layer cake with a filling, as of cream, custard, or jelly: »

Boston cream pie.

3. U.S. the sum total of income, costs, or other figure, with reference to the portions into which it may be divided, such as on a pie chart: »

Transportation is that slice of the cost pie often overlooked by management when it wants to cut costs (Wall Street Journal).

4. U.S. Slang. something quite easy or desirable: »

easy as pie.

[Middle English pye, origin uncertain]
pie´like´, adjective.
pie2 «py», noun.
= magpie. (Cf.magpie)
[< Old French pie < Latin pīca]
pie3 «py», noun, transitive verb, pied, pie|ing.
= pi2. (Cf.pi)
pie4 «py», noun.
a book of rules for finding the particulars of the service for the day, as used in England before the Reformation. Also, pye.
[Middle English pye, perhaps abbreviation of Medieval Latin pica pica1]
pie5 «py», noun.
a bronze coin of India, equal to 1/12 of an anna.
[Anglo-Indian < Hindi and Marathi pāī < Sanskrit padī, or pad quarter]

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